The Kentucky State Parks Foundation

Our mission as a non-profit organization is to connect people to the outdoors and help them experience everything our beautiful state parks system has to offer. While our mission is clear, the task at hand is carried out through the efforts of our devoted and passionate volunteers, and through the generous donations from the wonderful people out there just like you.

Inside Out Education

Helping teachers teach and students learn through authentic learning environments can be possible if we can just get them there. Our grant program aims to do just that.

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Kentucky Parks & Crafts poster series

In partnership with some of our state’s most amazing artists, we’ve curated a poster series that celebrates the beauty of our state parks. Each print sold will benefit the Kentucky State Parks Foundation and their cause to help others experience the essence and pride of who we are as a state.

Like many parks across the country, funding from the government and through tax dollars isn’t enough. That’s why there is a Kentucky State Parks Foundation. The great people at this foundation are not bureaucrats, or politicians nor do they answer to them. They are a volunteer organization, solely focused on making our parks enjoyable, accessible, and beautiful places for all of us to enjoy.

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Donate Now!

As non-profit, dedicated to bringing people to our beautiful state parks, we depend on amazing, passionate and charitable people like you to help us fulfill our mission.

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